Next Generation Research: The new forces driving MR

Brian Carruthers

Reality is what happens when research does not listen, said Dr Dag Piper of Mars, keynote speaker at Warc's Next Generation Research conference. And developments in mobile and social media mean new ways of listening.

While the role of mobile and social media inevitably featured heavily at the conference, other subjects that cropped up during the one-day London-based event chaired by Brainjuicer's John Kearon, included passive data collection, Big Data and being 'always on'. But at the same time as speakers outlined the different ways in which they had used these channels during their research, there was widespread agreement that traditional methods still had an important role to play. 

Mobile: diverse applications for research

One questioner asked if mobile was simply a better survey clipboard. While that is clearly one possible outcome, various case studies outlined during the course of the day demonstrated that mobile is capable of much more.