Use emotions to elicit response to a brand's green value appeal

Leslie Pascaud

Remember when the marketing department was the hub of innovation? Marketers took on the role of team leader, pulling together different parts of an organisation and encouraging collaboration to drive positive change and long-term revenue growth.

It is worth reminding ourselves how marketing was defined 'back then': the creation and commercialisation of products and services that respond to consumer needs and desires. Today, marketers have lost their traditional role, as they have become overly preoccupied with communication, spending too much time talking rather than doing.

Enter sustainable development – a breath of fresh air for marketing professionals tired of artifice and eager to get back to their roots. The new consumer preoccupation with all things sustainable is a genuine opportunity for brands to assume a leadership role, leveraging the growing desire for more environmental, socially responsible and healthy products and services as a platform for brand growth and innovation (see Figure 1).