Socialized research: It is the end of market research, as we know it, but we feel fine!

Michael Rodenburgh
Ipsos Open Thinking Exchange, Global, Canada


The new normal

We are now citizens of a socially networked mobile world where 'normal' changes faster than the seasons. The proliferation of digital technology and the pervasiveness of social media have changed the dynamic. Today's consumers are different. Everyone and everything is connected, allowing consumers to be both producers of content as well as distributors of other content.

The online world has created a new type of democracy where consumers have a voice as they have never had before. In fact, in the 60 seconds that you have spent reading this paper, there have been 175,000 Tweets, 700,000 Facebook messages sent, and two million YouTube videos viewed. Indeed, today's social, cultural, and commercial environments have no precedent in history, and they are dramatically changing the very fabric of society and commerce.