Städel Museum Frankfurt: Frankfurt is building the new Stäedel

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Country: Germany


The renowned Frankfurt Städel Museum desperately needed more space to showcase the many treasures languishing in its archives. The planned extension to the museum was budgeted at a total of 30 million Euros. 5 million Euros had to be raised during the building phase of just over 2 years, until the beginning of 2012, with a public fund-raising campaign (Source: internal calculations Staedel Museum). Thus, we needed to mobilise the whole city of Frankfurt.

A major challenge: We had no marketing budget and no cute animals that helped us raise money. If international charities such as the WWF are able to raise a record 24.2 million Euros in 2009 (Source: WWF Annual Report 2009, Infographic p. 30), it would be more than ambitious to expect the Frankfurt Städel to raise 5 million in 2 years from a base of 700.000 Frankfurt citizens.