Frucor Beverages NZ: Mountain Dew Code Red

Colenso BBDO

Entry Information

Category: Product Manufacturing and Distribution
Country where program ran: New Zealand
Date program started/ended: 1 June – 31 July 2010

Product Description: Mountain Dew Code Red is a berry-flavoured variant of the famous carbonated soft drink -Mountain Dew.

Advertiser/Client Name: Frucor Beverages NZ Limited
Media Channels:
Web Development
Website: (can view website here)


Marketplace challenge:

Although a strong brand internationally, little investment by PepsiCo International in New Zealand for many years has meant Mountain Dew has been a small brand in the carbonated soft drinks (CSD) market. With total market share of CSDs sitting at 1%, or 5% of fruit CSDs, the brand's presence is small from both a distribution and marketing perspective. Up against big spending brands in this mark, Mountain Dew has struggled to grow over the past few years, with any growth coming in short term peaks from price promotions.