On the other hand:

Advertorial – the Thin Bled Line?


Time was, amigo, when even the most hardened, cigar-chomping newspaper editor (usually played by Edward G Robinson, complete with eyeshade) would weep into his bourbon-laced Java at the very thought of compromising his journalistic integrity by accepting a marketer’s grimy dollar in return for sympathetic editorial coverage.

Since when Planet Earth has spun 28,000-odd times, dumping us in the global economic carnage of AD 2009 – the worst downturn since FDR finally made it into the White House in 1933.

And newspaper editors? These days they’d be played by Clint Eastwood or Morgan Freeman as steely-eyed pragmatists, ready to sell the family’s moral silver to ensure their titles’ survival in a world besotted by digital Fool's Gold. As a consequence the ink of advertorial has imperceptibly bled into the passivity of newsprint. And brand promotion is increasingly invisible.