Friends of the Earth: Bee saver

Bluefrog / Open / Nonsense

The team

Debbie O'Dowd, Sandra Wild, Kathryn Holloway, Matthew White, Joseph Cullen, Kat Heath, Alf Cowan, Cat Hughes, Sharon Stammers, Leanor Hanny, Karen Simmons, Will Kemp, Chris Jamieson, Kate Moyster, Adam Hawes, Paul De Gregorio, Liza Royal, Ben Pugh.

Other contributors:

Bluefrog – Inserts-cold DM, Nonsense – Facebook-Retargeting-Web, Open – SMS marketing, Listen – Telemarketing, Intygra – Print and Distribution, DM Focus – Media Buying, JAA – Media Buying.

How did the campaign make a difference?

This multichannel marketing campaign was designed to raise money to save Britain's Bees. It persuaded donors to become pollinators, creating a buzz through their networks. It raised £281,000 and recruited over 18,000 new donors, increasing the donor base by 20%.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry?