From the Editor: Inside integration

Colin Grimshaw

Media fragmentation, the simultaneous consumption of different media and consumer mobility, now necessitate the planning of schedules around a widening array of channels – above and below the line, direct and indirect, digital and analogue. So, logic dictates that the more channels you use and the better integrated they are, the more chance of reaching those elusive eyeballs, and the more successful the campaign. Doesn't it?

Well, the answer seems to be a somewhat ambiguous yes. Les Binet and Peter Field, in their celebrated work, Marketing in the Era of Accountability, which studied 880 IPA Effectiveness Award winning campaigns, concluded that multi-channel campaigns out-scored, with an effectiveness success rate of 65% compared to 58% for single-channel campaigns. The optimum number of channels was three, which achieved an average effectiveness success rate of 74%. Even so, Binet and Field also noted that single-channel campaigns won more awards, due to their greater accountability – channel integration was making marketing less accountable, they warned.