Numbers, Please: Digital Game Changers: How Social Media Will Help Usher in the Era of Mobile and Multi-Platform Campaign-Effectiveness Measurement

Gian Fulgoni and Andrew Lipsman

comScore, Inc.


Addressing the Mobile Monetization Gap

The advertising-based digital-media economy took the better part of two decades to develop, but the realities of an exceptionally rapid shift from desktop to mobile platforms is creating the most disruptive event in the industry’s history. Marketers are having to contend with a platform that has significant size limitations, while publishers are faced with the possibility of trading dollars for dimes as consumers move from the digital “big screen” to the “small screen.” Consider that more than half of all digital time spent online already occurs using smartphones and tablets (See Figure 1)—a stark change from just three years ago, when tablets were being introduced to the market and smartphone activity was still considered a rounding error in the grand scheme of digital engagement.