Intel: Measuring Online Global Advertising Based on Business Value and Engagement


As an ingredient brand, Intel does not sell directly to the end customer (they sell to the OEMs such as HP, Dell, etc), making tying performance to end sales very difficult. In addition, the nature of Intel's product set and audience drives Intel to a high digital media mix. As a brand with a highly technical product, Intel has a much more complex message than many marketers, e.g. Coke, McDonald's. This requires more time to tell Intel's story, making measuring engagement and judging value of interactions within digital critical. Lastly, Intel faced a challenge that the attitudinal data by which they measured success, came on a delayed and infrequent basis. This made it difficult to course correct in a more rapid fashion to achieve the results Intel desired.

As a result of these multifaceted challenges, OMD and Intel developed a weighted digital engagement measurement system called the Value Point System (VPS). This went beyond previous types of single event “lead scoring” systems to develop a proprietary framework, whereby the success of online efforts are described in terms of the quality of consumer engagement across nearly 150 touch points across ads,, and off-domain sponsorships. This system is driven by an automated and common tracking platform that covers the majority of Intel's digital ad spend. This approach now serves as the common foundation by which Intel makes both strategic and tactical decisions across digital paid media, social, and creative message performance. In addition, the VPS offers Intel a predictive set of indicators to steer the ship, while waiting for attitudinal or more “lagging indicators” to be reported.