RNLI: Mystery Package

Proximity London


Category: Not-For-Profit
Country where program ran: UK
Date program started/ended: July 2008

Product Description: The Royal National Lifeboat Institution is the charity that provides a 24-hour sea rescue service around the UK and Republic of Ireland run by volunteer crews. The RNLI receives no UK Government funding and therefore relies on voluntary donations from the public.

Advertiser/Client Name: RNLI
Media Channels: Direct Mail
Website: http://www.youtube.com/mysterypackageawards


Marketplace Challenge:

The RNLI have the lowest awareness and propensity to give amongst young people for any of the major charities in the UK. Yet we know if people engage with a charity when they are young they are more likely to become a donor when older. Trouble is, RNLI was not relevant to the youth: most young people do not live at the coast; also, fewer families take beach holidays with the cost of travel so much lower than it used to be, so youngsters don't believe they'll ever need to be saved at sea. Therefore there was little reason for the youth to support us, or even be aware of who we are. Young people do engage with other charities however and research showed there are two key motivations: