Speed Read: Creative Genius

This Speed Read was originally published in Admap - January 2013 issue.

Ideas are the new currency of success for individuals and organisations as the world markets shift rapidly and demand for the new grows ever greater. Creative Genius by Peter Fisk can act as a handbook on how to harness ideas and make them reality

Futurist Alvin Toffler was the first among us to realise that in the fields of technology, economics and living generally, the rate of change is increasing – exponentially. What Peter Fisk in Creative Genius seeks to deliver is a manual for business survival in this environment; a guide to being creative, channelling its output, and profiting from the spoils of ever-shifting markets.

Central ideas and arguments case studies/examples

It opens with an exploration of Leonardo da Vinci, his relentless curiosity and the talents he exploited to invent a better future. Each chapter then takes another case study to illustrate its meaning.