Shamrock - National Children's Hospital Pancake Day

Agency name: Marketing Network
Client name: Shamrock
Category: Loyalty & Long-term Umbrella Campaigns


Odlums, an Irish company steeped in baking history and heritage, was looking for a vehicle to promote its instant pancake mix around “Pancake Tuesday” and bring the making of pancakes back to life amongst the Irish public.

With a limited budget, it is difficult to gain cut through both in store and through the media.

A number of supermarket groups had launched own brand mixes and Betty Crocker had launched their range with a TV campaign, for which Odlums did not have the budget.

Odlums wanted to develop a campaign which was memorable, could be built on year on year and which gave consumers an additional reason to consume pancakes.


2006 objectives:

  • To cover the cost of the campaign and raise €50,000
  • To get consumers to host 300 pancake parties nationwide
  • To increase sales of Odlums pancake mix by 5% year on year
  • To gain media coverage