Integrated marketing: Play for the team

John Rudaizky

Truly integrated marketing requires 'inteamgration' – the harnessing of diverse talents and skillsets housed in many different agencies into one team with one common goal.

Integration is a word that's been buzzing around the industry for many a year and has taken its place right at the heart of marketing lexicon. Every week there is another conversation around integration. Can it be done? Who should do it? Who isn't doing it?

Most clients are asking for better integration. There are many examples of it being delivered. There are different models. But many clients are still being fobbed off with old-fashioned departmental labels, insular thinkers that defend the guardians of the status quo. And this is limiting potential. Integration and collaboration is non-optional today. Indeed, the need goes beyond companies working together, to co-create brands with customers in our socially, digitally connected world.