Measuring celebrity singer image

Su-Jen Chuang

Hsing Wu University

Cherng G. Ding

National Chiao Tung University


There is substantial evidence suggesting that celebrity worship is all-pervasive in contemporary societies; at least one in three people engages in celebrity worship in some form or another (Hills 2002; Maltby et al. 2002). More than 75% of young adults surveyed have been strongly attracted to one or more celebrities, especially musicians and movie stars, at some point of time in their lives (Boon & Lomore 2001). A person who worships a celebrity singer is often basing judgement on observation of trait-like celebrity singer images. These images constitute sets of beliefs on a variety of dimensions that represent important product attributes and can have considerable impact on consumers’ product evaluations (Han 1989; Roth & Romeo 1992).