Salesforce's three-step process for marketing data management

Geoffrey Precourt

As consumers become more mobile, computer-based brand experiences are becoming less relevant. When a Burberry digital customer walks into a Burberry store, the mobile-tracking service identifies them and "their shopping cart follows them into the store," Michael Lazerow, chief marketing officer of Salesforce Marketing Cloud for, told an opening-day audience at the 2013 Interactive Advertising Bureau MIXX Conference in New York.

Michael Lazerow
Michael Lazerow

Lazerow, who calls himself "a serial entrepreneur," founded Buddy Media in 2007 with his wife, and sold the social enterprise software company to Salesforce in June 2012 for $745 million. The purpose of the acquisition was to give the new owner the tools it needed to talk to customers in a digital ecosystem, serving the needs of clients like Burberry who are trying to increase their points of contact with key customers.