Static And Dynamic Models In Client Satisfaction Studies

Toll price optimization in the highway privatization process in São Paulo

Nelson Acar Filho
General Ad-Hoc Director, Indicator Pesquisa de Mercado, Brazil.
Armando Carradore
General Manager, Business Simulation Division, Indicator Perfil – Investigacion Y Marketing, Argentina.
Sueli Daffre Carvalho
Director of SD&W, Modelagem Estatística e Assessoria, Brazil.
Mário Mattos,
Business Director, Indicator Pesquisa de Mercado, Brazil.
Clifford Alexander Young
Methodology Manager, Indicator Pesquisa de Mercado, Brazil.
Michael Paul Zeitlin
Chief of the Transportation Department, State of São Paulo, Brazil.


One of the most relevant phenomena occurring in Latin America over the past few years has been the tendency to privatize a series of public services. A natural consequence of the bankruptcy of populist states or unstructured regimes and a consequence of military governments, this process has had strong acceptance in those services already presenting poor quality, either when run by the state (state-owned banks, ports, power plants, etc.) or when the private initiative made a clear proposition to viabilize new services and products, as the amounts to be invested would evidently involve billions; too much to be afforded by the government (mobile telephony, for example).