His name was Diversity, and he pulled the fastest business in the west

Nick Jefferson

The middle of nowhere takes a long time to get to. Especially when it's in Devon, and you're in London. But it was worth it. My eldest boy and I were doing a father/son weekend. We learnt how to make fire with sticks and built a bivouac that we slept in. We talked about what it meant to be a man in the 21st century, and what it meant to be a boy growing into a man. All without a note of primal scream therapy or home-made trousers.

One night around the fire, the chap leading the weekend was talking the boys through the importance of getting out of their comfort zones. "Think of it as three concentric circles, like a dart board," he said. "The circle in the middle is the Comfort Zone. The ring around it is the Adventure Zone, and that's where we're playing this weekend. Because the more you play in that zone – and it can be uncomfortable, the bigger your Comfort Zone gets. And that's a good thing, because that's how you avoid lurching into the third ring – the Disaster Zone."