A little thought goes a long way: how to use the most powerful tool in ad research

Graham Booth and Stuart Peters
Movement and Aviva

Today we're going to talk about the most exciting and powerful technology yet discovered to help us explore how people process advertising ideas.

It's a truly radical piece of technology and it can change the way we do our work and transform the effectiveness of advertising development research. We've been using this technology successfully for many years, and later we will explain how we used it to develop the highly successful Aviva advertising campaign featuring Paul Whitehouse.

And yet, it's a technology remarkably few people know how to use, and something that many avoid because they don't understand it.

The name of this technology?


It's not 'social'; it's not 'herd'; it's not 'mobile'. Yes, it's 'neuro' – but it's not 'science'. And this technology certainly isn't rocket science… although you'd sometimes think so, given how often one encounters a reluctance to use it.