A lot of customer knowledge may be a dangerous thing

Rory Sutherland

The more data we have on customers, the less patience they have with our failures.

I went to see Rossini's La Donna del Lago a few weeks ago. It cost £12.50. The reason it only cost £12.50 was because I watched it at my local Odeon multiplex cinema in a retail park outside Tunbridge Wells, transmitted live1 from the Royal Opera House. The cinema was packed. I'm not surprised. Because (don't tell the organisers this) I would have happily paid more to enjoy it at the cinema than at the opera house itself.

At the Odeon I could park right outside for free. I could buy drinks without pre-booking them in advance and take them into the auditorium with me. I could nip out to the loo. And getting in and out for the interval took a few seconds, rather than involving a ten-minute shuffle stuck behind pretentious North Londoners while secretly wanting to punch them in the neck.