Wee Yet Mighty: Latin America's Kids

Consumption and influence

Mónica La Madrid
Markwald, La Madrid y Asociados, Argentina

Telma Urich
Markwald, La Madrid y Asociados, Argentina


Today's generation of child consumers is altogether different from previous generations. Children as a group have become an extremely important market. Although this phenomenon is clearly evidenced in developed countries it also holds true in other regions as well. This paper will analyze both the occurrence and extension of this trend in Latin America.

The study of the market of children's products and of children as consumers is relevant because of the magnitude of today's market. It is such a far-reaching phenomenon that most of the articles and books that deal with this subject include a series of reflections that attempt to pinpoint how and when children irrupted into the market as consumers (bringing about such coined terms as Kidfluence, Kid Kustomers, Kidquakem, that make reference to different aspects of this phenomenon).