The Glenmorangie Company: Ardbeg Corryvreckan



Category: Retail/Direct Sales
Country where program ran: Worldwide
Date program started/ended: March 2008

Product Description: The launch of a new whisky called Ardbeg Corryvreckan - a limited edition bottling of Ardbeg Single Malt Scotch Whisky. For this launch, we invited whisky fans to discover the mysteries of the second biggest whirlpool in Europe - and join us in a whirlpool romance.

Advertiser/Client Name: The Glenmorangie Company
Media Channels: DirectMail
Web Advertising


Marketplace Challenge:

Ardbeg malt whisky is produced on the small Scottish island of Islay and is one of Scotland's premium whisky brands. Malt whisky and Scotland's distilleries attract interest from thousands of whisky enthusiasts and connoisseurs from around the world. The island of Islay is home to eight distilleries so we sought to maintain our position as 'the Ultimate Islay Malt'. We devised a core strategy to ensure that the distillery and the island are entwined in the consumers' minds. WE SET OUT TO 'OWN' ISLAY in the hearts and minds of consumers so that whenever Islay whisky was mentioned, it was Ardbeg that was front of mind. Therefore we decided to begin to name expressions topographically and gradually take over Islay and the surrounding areas. Whether it is Portugal or Peru, Beijing or Boston, each time we contact a member, for a few momentous minutes we ask our readers to stop everything and for a few brief moments &.'Enter Islay Time.' We take our readers on a romantic journey through an antique land and they are immersed in Islay's people, the place and the product. Usually we set out to simply sell bottles of whisky. This time we wanted to increase membership of our CRM programme, gather data and drive more traffic to our website.