BBC stream

BBC Marketing & Audiences


In an increasingly on demand media world, where audiences can get virtually instant access to whatever information they want online, we believed our delivery of digital audience data to BBC programme and content makers simply wasn't keeping pace. BBC Stream was the answer.

We partnered a leading data visualization specialist with a technical development agency and took an agile, user-centred approach to product development. The result is BBC Stream, an online dashboard that automatically takes data from the BBC's digital analytics system, creates visualizations and makes them available to anyone that works at the BBC. Insights added to the data by our researchers are delivered in a Twitter-like 'stream' to users and daily reports are delivered via email.

BBC Stream has increased the speed of data delivery and freed up our time to focus on insight discovery. Subscribers to the email report are growing fast, and teams are beginning to display the dashboard on TV screens across the business. The impact on decision making has also been significant.