Radio Listening in Multimedia Homes

Richard Windle
Liz Landy
United Kingdom.


The Quest panel is run by IpsosRSL on behalf of the Broadcasters Audience Research Board (BARB) in the United Kingdom. It is funded by the BBC, the independent television companies (ITV) and the Independent Television Commission (ITC). The objective of the panel is to provide audience appreciation data for national television and radio services. In this sense it supplements the main audience measurement currencies for television (BARB) and radio (RAJAR). The service is unique in that it provides detailed bimedia data across television and radio services in the United Kingdom. This is of particular importance to the BBC who, as a public service broadcaster concerned with both media, have a need for measures that operate across their output.

Although the emphasis of the panel is on audience reaction, it is possible to study viewing and listening patterns across the two media. Panel members are classified according to whether or not they receive multiple television channels by cable, satellite or digital services and whether they have access to the Internet at home.