Luxury marketing after the crash: Three ways it's changing

David Tiltman

There have been three major shifts in luxury marketing, according to Rémi Babinet, Chairman of BETC Euro RSCG and Global Chief Creative Officer at Havas. Speaking at the Spikes Asia conference in Singapore, he showed how the luxury industry had subtly adapted its communications since the "financial and moral crisis" of the past three years. And he suggested that where luxury was leading, premium brands were now following.

Underpinning his arguments was research from BETC Euro RSCG across six markets – China, Japan, the US, Brazil, France and the UK. Across this sample, 64% agreed that society ‘is moving in the wrong direction'. The lowest level of agreement was in China (50%); the highest was in the US (73%).

Change 1: From money and status to culture and spirituality