The mobile shopping framework study: The role of mobile devices in the shopping process

Ashmeed Ali, Edwin Wong,
Gateley Meeker, David Gill
The Nielsen Company

Study focus

Using Nielsen data, Yahoo! developed an analytical framework around mobile Internet usage that measures both general and category-specific shopping behaviors and attitudes. The methodology explored 12 categories to examine differences between those shopping the category on a mobile platform vs. those shopping on a PC. Among the aspects of shopping measured were: mobile shopping activities tried, sources used, actions taken and time spent shopping on the mobile web. The 12 product and service categories can be separated into two groups:

  • High Incidence Mobile Categories: Mobile digital content, restaurants/ dining, entertainment items/content and financial services and travel.
  • Low Incidence or Niche Mobile Categories: Consumer electronics/ technology, apparel/accessories, health/ medical, food and beverage, beauty/ personal care, home improvement and autos/parts/accessories.