United Parcel Service: Go West - The journey of Terracotta Warrior to the U.S.


Entry Information

Country where program ran: China
Program start date: 05/14/12
Program end date: 08/31/12
Advertiser/Client Name: United Parcel Service General Services Co.
Product/Service Description: Worldwide logistics services and integrated supply chain management solutions
Category: Business and Consumer Services (BCS)


Business problem

Background: Before 2012, UPS had enjoyed growth around the world and in China after they ambitiously refocused their delivery business away from 'delivery based' Fedex and DHL organisations and toward 'logistics'. However, several factors combined to make 2012 their toughest year: 1. Global economic downturn hit UPS especially hard Due to the world's economy recession, in 2012, China experienced a drastic drop in the import and export growth of orders at 8.9%, compared to 14.5% in 2011(Source: China Import and Export Fair).