Living in the slow lane? Media data and the information superhighway

Bob Hulks
Alban Hulks Research, United Kingdom



Media Research as a 'Trading Currency'

Despite the valiant efforts of many great minds in the market research industry, the role of media research has hardly changed since the early sixties. There are few countries, for example that can claim to have won over advertisers as users of these data largely because media research has signally failed to provide answers to the real advertising questions. Few and far between are the research projects into the effectiveness of alternative advertising strategies that have proven of enduring value, probably none in the public domain that have provided systematic guidelines for advertisers on frequency, burst versus drip or optimum media mix. Neither have the data in most countries provided much light on the relative communications values delivered by the different media, let alone how they contribute towards the overall integrated communications employed by most major marketing companies nowadays. Such research has usually been left to the more innovative advertising organisations to conduct on a small-scale, ad-hoc basis.