An overview of sports marketing from PwC, Ricoh and Mindshare

Joseph Clift

Globally, fans spend billions of dollars a year on sports tickets and merchandise. Showpiece sporting events can also attract hundreds of millions of TV viewers.

So it is no surprise that sports sponsorship has become one of the most effective ways an advertiser can build brand awareness. Many lucrative long-term marketing initiatives are connected to the sporting world: think John Player Special's iconic sponsorship of the Lotus Formula One team in the 1960s, or Crown Paints and Sharp's long-running deals with the Liverpool and Manchester United football teams in the 1980s and 1990s.

But what are the current trends in sports marketing - and how has the sector been affected by the financial turbulence and media fragmentation of recent years? Speakers at a seminar organised by the IAA and held in London in June 2011 attempted to find answers to these questions.

Sports marketing data: PwC