How to succeed in data analytics and content marketing

Andrea Sophocleous

Data and content marketing are the two biggest opportunities and challenges facing marketers right now, and to do either of them right takes commitment and insight. That is what attendees of the ad:tech conference in Sydney were told.

Unlike traditional advertising that is public and obvious, smart use of data is happening behind closed doors, Oliver Rees, the CEO of boutique advertising agency Torque, told conference attendees in a session titled "Forget the hype".

"Big data is like Fight Club, the movie," he said. "If you remember, the first rule of Fight Club is don't talk about Fight Club. Our own experience working in the data and data analytics space in Australia for the past 12 years is that the clients we work with, the vast majority of really successful projects that we engage on and the successful clients we engage with across a range of industries, they don't want me standing up here talking at a conference about how successful we've been with data initiatives."