Media placement versus advertising execution

Edward C. Malthouse and Bobby J. Calder

Northwestern University


The effectiveness of an advertisement depends on the product being advertised and characteristics of the execution, such as the quality of the ad itself, the size of the ad and location within the medium (e.g. back cover, inner front cover). An additional factor, which has received substantial attention in the advertising community, is reader engagement with the media context itself. Many studies have shown that when consumers are highly ‘engaged’ with a media vehicle they can be more responsive to advertising (e.g. Aaker & Brown 1972; Feltham & Arnold 1994; Coulter 1998; Gallagher et al. 2001; DePelsmacker et al. 2002; Nicovich 2005; Bronner & Neijens 2006; Cunningham et al. 2006; Wang 2006). Others have called for additional research on how the surrounding context affects reactions to ads (Galpin & Gullen 2000; Baltas 2003, p. 512).