The future of shopper marketing: From retail to relationships

J Walker Smith
The Futures Company

There is nothing fixed about today's shopping experience, from shopping on mobile devices to different shopper mindsets depending on the time of day, it is all now fluid as J Walker Smith from The Futures Company discusses.

The biggest change in retail ushered in by all things digital is the shift from fixed to fluid, and with it, the rise of person-to-person relationships as a first priority for retailers.

Digital has made everything about the shopping experience more fluid. For example, location has become unmoored. A store is no longer fixed to a bricks-and-mortar location or to a website (a website is a fixed location, too.) Instead, the store now moves with the customer, held in her hand. With her mobile device, she carries the store around with her. In turn, this makes the context within which she buys more fluid.