Cracker Barrel: Welcome to Wholesome

Cracker Barrel is one of Kraft Canada's largest businesses. It was not being advertised, was being treated as a commodity, and the equity of the brand was declining in both awareness and relevance. The marketing and research team went on a journey of consumer understanding, including choosing the target, understanding fertile positioning and messaging areas and testing & tracking creative executions. This teamwork led to outstanding creative and breakthrough market performance that re-built the Cracker Barrel brand equity and engagement and set the foundation for future communication and business growth.


Cracker Barrel's future looked dire: low brand health, aggressive price competitors in a commodity category coupled with “the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression”

The cheese market was dominated by four main players, Cracker Barrel, Black Diamond, Saputo, and Private Label brands. Price competition at the cheese shelf was fierce. Low brand loyalty and brand switching (based on whichever was on deal) was the norm. And then the “greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression” struck. Shoppers became even more price-sensitive, and changed their purchasing habits as a result: close to half were trading down from National Brands like Cracker Barrel to Private Labels (Retail Forward, 2008).