A Look to the Global Crisis in Latin America: Learning From The Mexican Consumer Experience

Alicia Martín del Campo and M. Gloria Hidalgo
Qualimerc, S.C., Mexico


Much has been said about the World Economic Crisis generated in this first decade of the 21st century. At the international level it gained the necessary importance due to its dimension and repercussions; although in Latin America this imported economic crisis only added to the list of previous experiences we have had in this subject matter.

The region is complex and it is now in a critical stage due to varied reasons, inherent to each country, city and its people. However, although each experience is unique, the sense of loss and pain that gives life to it is common to human beings and even more among sister cultures. On the other hand, Latin America is one of the regions with higher potential for recovery.

The treasure trove of different crisis, beyond the economic ones, elicit emotions, thoughts and actions in people, which extend to all the areas of their life styles, including their ties with money, brands, shopping channels, allocation of resources and consumption.