Post-Merger Brand-Building: What About the Advertising

A corporate campaign can be executed at individual brand level, but it is this always the right approach, asks Roderick White, redcell

You are in charge of communications for a newly merged global corporation, which has taken two equally matched companies and put them together (across national boundaries, with all the culture-shock that can entail) to achieve scale in a highly competitive market. With the merger came the need for a new corporate brand and, at a cost of several mega-bucks, this is in place brand vision, logo, corporate colours, corporate identity guidelines and all.

Naturally, you need to introduce the new company to a host of different target groups and stakeholders customers, suppliers, competitors, bankers, investors and advisors, your staff (in all the corporations varied divisions), potential recruits, distributors and intermediaries, the Great and the Good (in politics and the media), and so on.