Constantly changing design required in Asian markets

John Matthews

There are always detractors when a high-profile brand takes a risk and does something a bit different – or heaven help it, a lot different – as Pepsi discovered in 2008. Its new identity system was widely criticised in the media, even before its 'leaked' design brief was ridiculed on the web. But Pepsi had the courage to tackle one of the biggest challenges for global brands operating in emerging markets: constant change.

Its new logos are the tip of the iceberg compared with its willingness to embrace change. Look at how many different liveries it will don to keep its consumers interested.

Developing markets are exciting, fast-moving and profoundly unforgiving. In the past Western brands wrongly assumed that they would be attractive to millions of potential consumers simply by virtue of who and what they were. Another false assumption was that processes that worked well in developed markets would replicate elsewhere.