Data integration: PepsiCo India - Analyse the future

Akanksha Jain

Pepsi: the Indian cricket captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, stars in Pepsi's television commercials

PepsiCo was caught out by a 25% lift in the drinks category in India, leading to loss of share. It used data analytics to better predict market changes

Faced with the complexities brought by the convergence of technology, fragmentation of markets and growth in active consumerism, data provides an unbiased and objective source for making decisions with some amount of confidence.

PepsiCo India has been striving to improve the combination of art and science, strategic as well as marketing planning through consistent and rigorous use of data analysis.

Its efforts have been aided in recent times by a big improvement in the availability of reliable data, which was not the case in India's pre-economic liberalisation era.