How Kraft eliminated TV 'waste' by matching purchases with programming

Geoffrey Precourt

The problem for Kraft Foods was simple. "We felt that there was a lot of wasteful spending on TV programs related to our key consumer target for our products," explained Mike Judge, the company's Senior Director/consumer insights and strategy. "We felt like we were buying a fair amount of TV that wasn't optimized against that audience – we didn't have their eyeballs glued to that program or that channel."

The company's TV budgets were not about to get any bigger, he added. "What we needed to do was to get better bang for buck with our TV spend… If we could eliminate that waste, the return on our investment in TV would improve."

Judge, speaking on an Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) webinar, said the company had seen "some of our mom-targeted ads on a sci-fi channel at 1am." So Kraft set out to find a better way to plan its TV spend. "There was an opportunity… to not spend money on that buy and, instead, direct it in a more targeted way.