10 growth opportunities

J Walker Smith
The Futures Company

No matter what the economic climate, companies must establish clear strategies to ensure new sources of growth are identified and implemented.

Growth is no sure thing. Even in the best of times, unlocking new sources of growth takes hard work, innovative foresight and even a little luck – and times today are hardly the best they've been. So where can a company reliably find new sources of growth? In our Future Perspective white paper, Unlocking New Sources of Growth: How to Find New Value in New Places, we outline a multi-pronged strategic framework for identifying new sources of growth, including a battery of key metrics for gauging growth potential.

With a marketplace straining with breakthrough technical advances, accelerating cycle times, smarter competition, growing resource constraints and restless, even anxious, consumers, there are 10 key things to know about identifying and capturing new sources of growth. It doesn't take heroic courage to unlock these. A company must simply be alert to shifts in sources of value, which come about when several factors in different parts of the business landscape change at once.

1. Markets are spiky, with peaks and valleys, even during recessions