From the editor: The moving target

Colin Grimshaw

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As I write this, queues are forming outside the Apple store here on London's Regent Street, three days ahead of the release of the new iPhone 5S.

You might ask why any sane person would camp out on a dirty city street in the cold and rain for three days when they can purchase the phone online from the comfort of their homes. This same bizarre ritual can still be seen outside major department stores prior to the start of the winter and summer 'Sales', at the launch of a new celebrity-endorsed fashion range, or the release of the latest version of Grand Theft Auto.

OK, in the case of the iPhone, for Apple Addicts, the trauma of having to wait a week for their treasured phone to be delivered from the online store – while their fellow junkies flaunt the new fingerprint Touch ID feature in their faces – may be too much to bear. But head to any shopping mall at the weekend and you can witness the enduring desire of the masses to spend great chunks of their valuable leisure time in the pursuit of the 'real' shopping experience. All this suggests that dire predictions around the imminent death of the physical shop are perhaps wide of the mark.