The Germans and their newspapers

'Those who do not wish to be the anvil had better be the hammer'

Nol Wickland

Up to now, Europe's businessmen have not had to know each other very well, indolently preferring to rely on old prejudices and preconceptions, and cheap gags. In this series of essays, Noel Wickland deftly introduces us to each other, taking as one useful premise the idea that to understand a people is to understand its media and at least up to a point - vice-versa. This month, the spotlight turns upon the Germans, a remarkably varied family of peoples sharing one of the world's principal languages and many admirable qualities. Admap's German readers will not be surprised to learn that these include a strong sense of humour, and a reasonably easy-going attitude to the English. This applies even when '... the poor-relation Brits come clumping in, putting their bovver-boots on the furniture, parking their clapped-out sterling in the drive, trying to pass off their chemical experiments as beer and pontificating loudly on the merit and moral value of dirt, poor health, lousy working conditions and bankruptcy.' Now read on.