The Evolved Consumer: Where Will Consumers be Standing After the Storm?

Karina Besprosvan
OmnicomMediaGroup, Chile


The global economic crisis has resulted in some predictable consumer behaviour changes, e.g. reduced spending, postponing plans to buy a new car. Even prior to the economic slowdown we were sensing shifts in consumer attitude towards the conspicuous consumption which had dominated the previous decade. Alternative lifestyles were emerging with downsizing and the pursuit of more spiritual fulfilment being noticeable trends. This medium term trend combined with the shorter term economic trend leaves us with a 'new normal' to understand. What are the new long term consumer behaviours that we need to immerse ourselves in if we are to bring new and actionable insights to brands?

OMG has developed 'Evolution of the Consumer', a consumer behaviour monitor which reveals robust insight into global consumer lifestyles and is supported by qualitative insight to provide engaging stories about real life people.