Agency: Burkitt Weinreich Bryant & Clients Author: Kathy Aldridge

Nefax: Building a Number One Brand

The Nippon Electrical Company, now known as NEC, manufactures electronic componentries and computer and telecommunications goods predominantly for business use. Based in Japan it is one of the largest electronics companies in the world and has a significant presence in many EC markets.

In the UK the telecommunications division (one of seven divisions), accounts for approximately 27% of total revenues, and operates in the facsimile market under the Nefax brand name.

The UK is an extremely important market for NEC within Europe for a number of reasons:

  • its size as a growing business market
  • it is generally accepted that the UK is characterised by rapid uptake of new electronics products for both business and consumer markets
  • in addition facsimile machines represent a higher than average proportion of NEC's revenues in the UK
  • the company attach particular importance to achievement of success and methods used in the UK as an important European market for facsimile machines.