24/7 Diginography: Reality ethnography to decode the context sensitivity of colour among Asian countries

Dangjaithawin Anantachai, Kanita Tungworapojwitan and Rosesanant Punithipandku
INTAGE, Thailand


This study is designed to decode the color symbolism in the context of different cultures and generations. The study used a MROC (Market Online Research Community), our 24/7 DIGINOGRAPHY, as the key methodology, diving deeper into the unconscious minds of consumers in order to decode the different meanings and stories of color among cross cultures and cross generations.

The outcome is designed to deliver the unique comparison and implications for color in marketing and branding among countries and generations.

A MROC (24/7 DIGINOGRAPHY) was used to obtain deeper meaning in the symbolism of color, not only across culture, but also across generations of the same culture.