Segmentation Of Adolescents Using A Multimedia Study

The case of Mexico

Alicia de la Macorra
Technical Director, BIMSA-Ipsos, Mexico.
Iván Castro
Statistical Director, BIMSA-Ipsos, Mexico.


Nowadays teenagers represent 20% of the Mexican population and yet they have not been fully studied. One could expect that adolescents tend to have important market differences in their habits and, as a consequence of this, they generate a heterogeneous mosaic. The main objective of this paper is to present a segmentation analysis of this important domain. The identification of groups is based on measures related to their habits, attitudes and other socioeconomic variables, specifically:

  • consumption habits;
  • media exposure habits;
  • household possessions;
  • sociographic consumer profile;
  • Sociodemographics.

Moreover, by creating a segmentation of this population two secondary objectives will be covered:

  • improvement of media planning schemes when targeting different groups;
  • testing the model in order to generalize it for other populations.