Staples, Inc.: Yeah, We'Ve Got That campaign

Susan Risland


Staples, Inc., was one of three office-supply-superstore chains to emerge in the 1980s, each vying to differentiate itself from the others. In 1994 Staples launched its first full-fledged television campaign, airing a pair of 30-second spots produced by its new ad agency, Cliff Freeman & Partners, New York. Targeting people who worked at home, the spots used the tagline "Yeah, We've Got That," a phrase that expressed the breadth of products a Staples superstore had to offer. In 1997 Staples would use the tagline as an anchor for a national campaign.

The "Yeah, We've Got That" campaign targeted small-business owners but also hoped to appeal to general consumers, such as parents shopping for school supplies. While the campaign included radio spots, it was primarily a television campaign. The humorous TV spots attempted to use real-life situations to appeal to their audience. Perhaps the most popular of all the commercials was the back-to-school spot that featured upbeat parents, dour children, and the song "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" playing in the background.