Takahashi Shuzoh: Rice Liquor - Shiritori-Ring

Ogilvy And Mather Japan


Takahashi Shuzoh, a Shochu (rice liquor) manufacturer in Kumamoto Prefecture, decided to enter the Tokyo market. For the first time, they conducted a web campaign targeted at a younger segment who were becoming distant from Shochu, in order to drive awareness toward their mainstream product line and corporate brand.

We developed contents based on a game called Shiritori (in which players are required to say a word beginning with the final pronunciation of the previous word). It's a game that the target audience was familiar with and it matched the corporate concept of “Wanting to bring people together.” On the web, a player is represented by a lovable and gentle avatar who plays Shiritori instead of filling another person’s cup with a drink, which is considered to be a token of a close relationship. Once he participates in Shiritori, he would then hold hands with another player, and eventually they would encircle all kinds of landmarks and areas.