Take a Benylin Day

JWT Toronto


In 2007, Benylin needed to increase the brand market share and drive top of mind brand awareness and purchase consideration. To do this, we needed to identify a unique insight that would result in truly breakthrough creative.

What we found was that if you had a cold, you’d drag your sick body out of bed, get yourself to work, and muddle through your day. Sadly, there was an expectation from cold sufferers (and the people around them) that everyone needs to be a trooper. What cold sufferers really wanted, though, was to get some rest so they could get better.

For the first time, Benylin understood how consumers feel and what they truly need when they are suffering from a cold. Benylin embraced this notion and launched the "Take a Benylin Day" campaign. The campaign gave cold sufferers permission to take time to get better while reinforcing that Benylin will handle their cold symptoms. We refocused the communication on the consumer experience, and connected with consumers in a way that was truly relevant.