Grant's Whisky and Findmypast

Bray Leino


Grant's Whisky is the oldest family-owned blended Whisky brand and has been crafted through five generations of the same family. Worth £80m and holding the No. 3 position in the category, Grant's was experiencing 3.5% YOY volume decline and having to battle in a market where 78% of the brand's sales are on price promotion. Allied to this were a raft of strong competitors such as Bells and The Famous Grouse, with deeper pockets for media and advertising who were intent on buying market share in the off trade.

To compete in this market Grant's needed to think differently, to engage with the trade, secure shelf space, in-store presence and drive sales as well as loyalty without resorting to constant price discounting. In addition, Grant's needed to bring the brand's heritage to life in a way that connected with the target audience.

National context of the campaign