Understanding Creative Service: A Qualitative Study Of The Advertising Problem Delineation, Communication And Response (APDCR) Process

Railton Hill
Swinburne University of Technology
Lester W. Johnson
Mt Eliza Business School


Kalasunas (1985) said that, 'Basically, what clients want from agencies is creative, is advertising itself, the advertising product...The other services an agency offers are clearly secondary'. The focus of this study is the provision of the creative advertising ideas that underpin subsequent executions ultimately presented to the market. The paper views these creative ideas as a highly distinctive category of service- product.[1] It seeks to understand this service both conceptually, in the light of existing service theory, and practically, in terms of how the service is delivered in the experience of senior advertising practitioners. It is hoped that by providing client and agency stakeholders with a conceptually rigorous understanding of the service-product that is also firmly grounded in reality, we may enhance both client and agency satisfaction.